Grant Criteria

The Foundation generally awards grants with priority given to those applications that:

  • Demonstrate the potential significant and long-term impact achieved by funding their program or project,

  • Communicate a clear plan for timely implementation,

  • Address issues relevant to the foundation’s mission, 

  • Demonstrate that the project cannot be accomplished without external funding, and

  • Exhibit effective and resourceful fundraising practices, such as matching grants and contributions from other donors, benefiting both the organization and the community.


The Borstein Family Foundation has an invitation-only application process and does not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals. To seek out grantees, we actively engage with a wide range of charitable organizations, community groups and other foundations; monitor ongoing and emerging strategies; and invite proposals from potential grantees based on priorities set by the Foundation’s Trustees.

Each grant proposal should include the following information:

  • Organization Description

  • Problem(s) to be Addressed

  • Activities/Strategies

  • Expected Outcomes

  • Assessment

  • Ongoing Funding

  • Budget

  • Financials


Invited proposals are due July 1st and accessed through the link below.


To submit a grant report, please log in to your account through the link below and click on Requirements.